Saturday, December 17, 2011

I have a blackberry pearl 8130 series and i dont know what the D next to the checkmark in outbox means?

So after i send a messege to this one person (it sends) and then 5 mintues later it shows a little black d next to the check that shows that it sent....what does that mean?? the person has the same carrier as me so does it mean that he opend it?? i really need to figure this out...please help!|||the D means that the message was delivered|||d for delivered successfully!

How can I delete items that are in my "OUTBOX" of microsoft outlook?

I have attempted to send emails with large attachments and for the past 4 days these emails are sitting in my MICROSOFT OUTLOOK "OUTBOX"

I have tried to delete them but nothing happens. When I click on the email I get a pop-up that says "can't open item. outlook has already begun transmitting the message"

I tried to right click on the email and then left click delete, but it doesn't actually delete it.

Any thoughts?|||With large attachments it may take a few minutes to delete them. Try it again but be patient and see if they delete.

Also you can go to your email servers website and access the outbox there to see if will delete (if you are using embarq mail then use their website, if you are using xyz mail then go to xyz website).

Good Luck

I have three emails in my outbox that won't send when hit send. How do I delete them?

If you have an "outbox" then you're probably using Outlook Ex. or Outlook.

OE "usually" won't send anything with a possible virus or a bad link. It remains in your outbox and won't send. Any emails sent AFTER that one will stack up behind the bad one and won't send till the bad one is gone.

In OE----you would delete them the same way you would if they were only in the inbox.

Select them and hit the "delete" tab.

If you're using something else----you need to tell us what, so we can help you.|||Yahoo has been upgrading the servers and ran into difficulties, many are having the same problem. There are many issues at this time. They hope to have it fixed soon, In the meantime, you can click one of these links to access your mail, it's basic, no frills, but it works. or: or:

Not a guarantee these will work at this time. But you can try

Anyone have the Samsung Rant? Where is the outbox for texting?

I just got the new Samsung Rant phone %26amp; I know this sounds stupid but I can't find the outbox for text messages. It says that it saves drafts or ones that can't be sent in an outbox but I can't find this outbox. I've read the manual from front to back %26amp; even had friends try to find it- please help! Am I looking right at it? Many many thanks to any that can help me!|||I just got the phone today and i was wondering the same thing. When you go to the messaging folder from the one touch, click on text messages and then a list of names of whom you have messaged comes up. When you click on a name to open it up it shows your whole convo with that person. Its kind of like an IM setup in a way. |||the outbox is just like the inbox, its different than normal. but its like an Instant Message conversation. it says if its been sent. or if its pending on the contacts conversation. but there is no button to see all outgoing messages. drafts are saved in the same place as well.

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|||Sorry Alex E. that answer is not correct. According to Sprint the only time a message is saved under the Text Messaging tab is when there is a pending draft. The outbox that the phone refers to is located in the server que in the phone itself. There is no way to access it. I have the phone too.

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Can not delet one mail from outbox in ms outlook 2003?

i have a mals in outbox when i try to open or delete this mails it shows "can not open this item.outlook has already begun transmitin this massage" plz suggest how to solve it. even i cant delete it.|||you need to cancel the message first, right click and cancel... then delete it.

If it doesn't work... close outlook and try again

What is the difference in a outbox message and a sent message on a cell phone?

an outbox message is a message that you sent to another phone or

e-mail and a in-box message is a message you receive to your phone from someone else's phone or e-mail.|||Outbox keeps messages being sent or messages that failed to sent.

Sent message storing messages that has been sent.|||outbox is the messages you sent but it didn't go through. sentbox is the messages you sent that went through. :)|||outbox u sent inbox they sent u|||out box is the messages u are palning on sending but haven't sent yet

Cell phonevey: What does the 5th text in your inbox say? What does the 5th text in your outbox say?


Inbox: Wat tha hell r u sending me a pic like that 4

Outbox: Lol u know u like boobies lol linc sent it 2 me|||You're trying to get me in trouble aren't you?

That's actually kinda hard to figure out since i have a blackberry and all my texts get rolled into one for each person and all my emails go to my phone....

but chances are it's naughty!|||BLANK - I delete all texts right away ∙

just in case the phone ever falls into the wrong hands - ya know?|||Inbox: Aries: The best thing you can do for yourself today is to be physically active. Get movin outbox doesn't work|||Ohh..

Where she becomes a lifeguard but can't swim lol.|||InbOx: a fOrward txt..that says.. why does a hOoker make more money than a drug dealer? Cuz a hOoker can rewash her crack and sell it again!! LoL!! u gotta pass dis On.

OutbOx: abOut what? - 2 my pOokie. lol|||Inbox: Lmfao I luv uuuuuuu %26lt;33

Outbox: Nm just chillaxxin online. hbu?|||Inbox: U need 2 start as soon as possible training him and what did mama think of him

Outbox: Yes of course

lol|||Inbox: Mmm i dont but my sister does

Outbox: Ya me to hey do you know how to do three way so we could all talk ?

haha i'm boring|||Inbox:it looked like him lol but white

Outbox:oh lol why would he say that to me|||Inbox: Hockey?

Outbox: No 2 much to do

Nothing special|||Inbox: What's up? It's 7:47 A.M.

Outbox: What U doin' b****?|||okay i'm not sure if i can put this on here but here it goes inbox: why do men like to b on bottom during sex? Becuz they only know how to f**k up

outbox: kewl|||Inbox: Aweee and lmao yea

Outbox: Hah, yup. So..anything new?

It was hard for me to find that, I have a BlackBerry %26amp; all of my texts go together.|||Inbox: In a bit my mums on the phone

Outbox: Now?|||Inbox: thank you for saying that you are one of a kind, too. TTYL.

Outbox: k, heart you sweets.|||in: expect the cops at your place, she called the cops on you again

out: that ***** is going dowwn|||inbox: it feels like i haven't brushed my teeth in like 24.7364823456789 years


outbox: i bet


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outbox- i like the ones where the lady goes in on the toilet and feels like somethings gonna pass and lo and behold. goddamn!!!! theres a baby in the toilet.XD she gave birth.

9not to be wierd or anything... we were having a detailed conversation about that show "i didnt know i was pregerent"|||hey where are u?-in